Welcome to my website, I am Aimi Rix; here you will find an ever expanding gallery of murals and art works which  I have been working on over the past few years. In recent years, I have had the pleasure of working alongside lots of  very imaginative Head teachers of Primary schools in the Bedfordshire area. Together we develop creative ideas which will enhance the schools theme by means of  adding dynamic murals, motivational quotes and characters to otherwise cold looking corridors. Between us, we receive some wonderful comments and feedback from users and visitors of the schools, from parents, children and staff, right through to fitness groups and contractors. Comments from my Facebook Page “Did you do this room?? I have sat in here so many times and loved it? Oh my gosh and the amount of times I have been sitting on the floor in that room chatting about the animals and plants on the walls! The children love it Aim's that room is such a hit! So very impressed x” “You are one very talented lady Aimi, pics are really good x” “I love looking at your paintings. Amazing!!!” The comments which give me enormous satisfaction and which I hear most are things like; “I wish you could come to my school” and “when are you coming back to my school?” Children often stop to talk and ask questions while I'm painting, they always give me “wows!” and thank me for making their school look amazing, I take great pride in my work and find it incredibly rewarding.
Welcome to my website, I am Aimi Rix;
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